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hello world! :D
hakaishiFEVER ft. fan by epik high

you don't even know my name
I'm Alina but some of my friends (and my mom + grandma lol) call me Akemi... just a middle name, so I don't really care which one you use or don't use, but consistency is a good thing, you know? I'm 18 years old and am studying business economics. After undergrad work, I want to go to Yale, Harvard, UMich, or UPenn where I will study for a dual master's degree for an MSF and MIB. I'm shy, but I get along with just about anyone. One day I'm going to be a successful financial analyst fluent in 3978096132 languages and travel all around the world making tons of money (:

i spend my sleepless nights gazing at you
general → cosplay, business, guitar, foreign languages, photography, art, math, chemistry, lolita, jellyfish, psychology, reading, etc...

food → eggplant, apple, kalbi, grape, salad, salmon, curry, strawberry, carrot, octopus, eel, asparagus, kimchi, watermelon, broccoli, tofu, squid etc...

music → tbny, crown j, buzz, kagrra,, redballoon, big bang, the blue hearts, daphne loves derby, plastic tree, epik high, turtles, jj lin, wilber pan, hungry days, etc...

anime&manga → gintama, majin tantei nougami neuro, reborn!, death note, matantei loki, harukanaru toki no naka de, zombie loan, night head genesis, d.gray-man, saint beast, etc...

game → pump it up, ddr, drummania, tales of the abyss, phoenix wright, kingdom hearts, taiko tatsujin, puyopop fever, bust a move, cooking mama, osu! tatakae! ouendan, etc...

tv/movie → goong, the office, csi, afterlife, battle royale, heroes, volcano high, linda linda linda, numb3rs, azumi, bones, shimotsuma monogatari, cold case, house md, supernatural, etc...

you wouldn't even know if i died
I generally don't hate too many people or things but there's certain things that I can't stand: racists, wapanese, spam mail, viruses, stalkers, elitists. Also I don't like sweet potato too much. o.x;

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{(Alfred ☆ Goong)}